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10 bungee jumping safety tips 2020

    bungee jumping safety tips

As we all know how much fun activity bungee jumping is and most of the people truly love it because the thrill people face in bungee jump is totally different and it is very fascinating. But we also have to keep this thing in mind that before bungee jump we have to make sure our safety is tight as it is the most important thing in a bungee jump. So if you are here to know what safety tips to follow to ensure that your safety is fully tight and you are good to go for a jump then you are at the right place as here we will discuss some best safety tips you should follow to get the best safety during a bungee jump.


Feel positive

If you will feel negative then your mind will distract from the jump and the chances of an accident will increase so it is always recommended that you should feel or think positive before bungee jump and set your mind accordingly.

Double-check the whole system

It is also an obligatory thing that you should double-check the whole bungee jump set up to ensure that you are fully secured and good to go this thing will also increase your overall confidence.

Wear a good quality helmet

Helmet no doubt is the most important thing you should wear before going for a bungee jump as we never know when accidents are coming we should always prepare ourselves so it is obligatory to wear a very good quality helmet.

Wear hiking boots and thick clothes

 It is also recommended that you should wear hiking boots and some thick clothes before going for a bungee jump as these are very important things that prevent you from different types of accidents.

Always cover your ears

Yes, it is also important that you should also cover your ears as you may face cold breeze during the jump. It is the point that most of the people neglect but you have to make sure your ears are well covered.

Drink more and more water before going for jump

Drinking more and more water helps in hydrating your body and this way will feel very positive and active.

Don’t go for it if you have heart disease

It is also a very important point to note that you should not go for the jump if you have a heart disease or any disease related to it as it may cause more problem.

Don’t go if you are above 50

After the age 50 most people reflexes get weak so it is also recommended that you should avoid going for a bungee jump if your age is above 50 to avoid accidents.

You should keep first aid kit with yourself

First aid kit is very important if you are going for a bungee jump. Don’t carry much items in it just carry things which are important in an injury situation.

Avoid wearing glasses

It is also recommended that you should also avoid wearing glasses as it may effect your vision during the jump and may cause accident.


We hope you have a full idea of how to secure yourself during bungee jump from different accidents. You just need to follow the instructions mentioned in this article and you are all set to go and enjoy.

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