Bungee Jumping Accidents

Bungee Jumping Accident in Colorado

Bungee Jumping Accident in Colorado

Surely everyone likes indoor theme parks. We enjoy spending our time doing all sorts of fun activities and we can’t wait to get inside. Adrenaline rushes, we get excited and we feel alive.

But what if these activities are not as safe as we thought? Would you be willing to bet your life on it? Sadly, young Ciara wasn’t aware of this awful bet. Here is her story.

Fatal Bungee Jump in Colorado

On January 4, 2019, in Colorado, the U.S., Ciara Romero sadly died while performing a bungee jump at Get Air at the Silo. It is a theme and amateur sports park based in Grand Junction in this state of the U.S.

Bungee jumping accident

Young nurse Ciara, aged only 20, did not get out alive of this terrible accident when she performed a 70-foot bungee jump. Even though investigators established that the equipment she was attached to and that was used for her jump was working properly, she still fell to her death.

To perform such a jump in the Get Air at the Silo Park, participants have to be attached to a rope to climb a silo tower. Next, they get on a platform and jump off, attached by a rope. Afterward, they freefall about 20 feet, only to be caught by the machine and then brought back on the ground.

What Did Really Happen?

Local investigators, namely the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, declared after the incident that they found nothing wrong with the equipment used for Ciara’s jump.

At the same time, the equipment manufacturer worked closely with the above-mentioned department performed different testing which proved that the gear she was using did not have any issues.

The agency went on to declare that they would investigate witnesses to find out what really happened.


To Jump or Not to Jump…That Is the Question

The reason why the young nurse died in Colorado after this tragic fall is unknown yet. While local authorities are still investigating this case, we can’t help but wonder how safe these theme parks really are. And particularly bungee jumping.

How can we avoid this kind of tragic accidents from happening? Surely, you can check your gear and follow all the safety measures taught by the instructors. But, still, since there was nothing wrong with the equipment, it seems there is just too much of a risk.

 Bungee jumping is an extreme sport where all types of risks may come to action. If you want to be on the 100% safe side, the logical measure to take to avoid this type of tragedy is not to perform a bungee jump at all.

Even though the rate of bungee jumping accidents is relatively low, it is definitely not as safe as just sitting on the side watching – which is the ultimate 100% safe activity of this sport.

Or, if you want to dear your faith and death only for a few short minutes of adrenaline, perform it anyway. We’re interested in your opinion on this subject. Please leave us a comment with your thoughts on it.


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